Meet The Team

Meet the People

Brianne Hingley
Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator

My name is Brianne Hingley and I am a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. My certification comes from the Equine Connection - Academy of Equine Assisted Learning. Nope, I did not grow up in a horse environment. I grew up in Calgary where this type of life was not readily available to me as a kid. Now that I am a grown up and can do what I want, I see the irrefutable benefits the horses bring into our lives via the skills they remind us of every minute we are in their company. And even when we aren't. I was so very attracted to this program for so many reasons, the biggest being participants need not have any horse experience at all. Absolutely anyone can do this! ​​


Meet the Teachers

Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Cuda is a 23 year old lady. She is a mature Mare and has had some major life experience.  She was a super duper Barrel Racer and as such went all over the place seeing new sights. She has had babies and even has one of them still here at Force! (Her name is Azzy. You will meet her) She has been a solid steadfast Teacher and the most Forgiving friend I could have ever asked for. Cuda rocks. 

Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Jasper is the man here at Force. Literally he is the only male Horse we have. This 15 year old dude really loves the ladies (and guys too. He's cool) He has had some life experience as well and actually came from the auction mart to my friends who saw that he was a good guy. He has been a roper, and ranch horse, until he found himself a great little girl to befriend. Jasper has had an injury that has put him in a spot where he can work here, and not put too much stress on his injured leg. We borrow Jasper from our awesome friends and we appreciate this big guy every moment. 

Jasper went back home now to hang out with his family in his older age. We miss him everyday but we are so happy he can be back with his little girl! Thanks for everything Jasper. :)

Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Azzy is a very special Horse. She only comes in programs it seems when participants need what shes got. And she got lots. She is a 14 year old and has a very interesting demeanor that keeps everyone switched on and everyone loves her. She is Cuda's baby and she was supposed to be a Barrel Racer too! Except she actually hates having to run. So she has found a new life with us here and she is a gift to us everyday and we learn so much from this girl. Azzy is Snazzy!

Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

Flicka is our Pony! Actual Pony. She is 17 years old and she has a cool story too. She started out a show pony for the first half of her life and then she was best friends with a girl who loved her dearly. Now she is a great bench warmer here and comes out as an observer for all programs. She is the pony in training and she loves to be part of the group. We don't leave anyone behind here. One day Flicka will be a great Teacher! Flicka also enjoys eating while she watches, it's like Netflix for Horses.