Social distancing

Brianne here. As some of you may know I am the facilitator here at the Force. In my role I get to work with the clients and the horses. I get to see how everyone is all the time. This week we finally had some normality. We were able to have a few people come and take one of our brand new programs. We worked outside, we got to work as individuals contributing to a common goal and even incorporated the use of some minion a distance.

It was nice. The horses were happy to see everyone, we all kept safe and we enjoyed some really healthy fresh air and sun.

We believe this is the new normal. As someone who raised livestock I understand the importance of bio-security. We actually do not really need to touch those outside of our home groups. In fact it's funny when ever I took my horses anywhere outside our home place I would never ever let them touch other horses. Never nose to nose or nose to but for that matter and guess what? They were just fine. They stayed healthy and they came home just as the left....without illness. If we did have to be close together I would clean things the best I could and would leave areas clean for this a bad thing? I think if we look at the safety of the human herd I feel ok with taking some extra safety measures now. And if it raises the standard in health I believe that is not a bad idea.

All of us here at the Force would like everyone to stay healthy, keep a reasonable distance and don't forget, we can still meet common goals and have fun and work together. Until we find a resolution to this how about we all just do what we need to do to help each other and feel safe!

Enjoy the rest of the week and post comments here if you would like:)

As always may the horse be with you!


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