February 2, 2018

January 1, 2018

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March 2, 2018

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New Revelations

January 1, 2018


Well thank you for reading this! And Happy new year you wherever you are.  I have started this blog  to encourage some of my co-facilitators to do the same. I knew it wouldn't be enough to just tell them to do, I had to participate as well.  Therefore I am looking forward to sharing the ups and down of facilitating here and more of the information that I come across in my line of work.  

Having this as a career has changed my life! And it has allowed me to be very fascinated by the way humans and horses work. 

Like many of you I have been reflecting on the year in the last few days and I have really learned so much .  I have seen that people can surprise you in ways that you have never anticipated-good and bad. With this I have also had a major revelation, people can do some crazy things when they act with integrity, and without. 

I have seen the real proof of how our actions make us who we are, and not our account of how we thought things went or what we had planned to do. This past year as a facilitator and as a business owner, it's been proven to me that people who seem so "nice" can be fairly unpredictable and people who seem not so nice can be incredibly strong and trustworthy.  

Being nice isn't enough, you have to act with integrity. I will take honesty over nice anyday! 

This was always a pretty foreign concept to me. 

I did not believe it.

I wanted to trust the words people told me, especially the ones I held closest to my heart. We often would not like to see the dark side of people. We would like them to be the people we want them to be, not the people they are.

Ofcourse I have a  big giant long story as to how I have concluded this, and I will talk about it over time, but I think the most important thing is that I have finally seen this and I hope you can too!  Trust what you see! 

If someone makes promises but never keeps them, they are trying to tell you something.

If they say they will call and they don't- Listen to what they are telling you through their actions. 

If someone has done more than you asked of them, for no credit or motive, keep them close always! That is a very loud message and I suggest you listen to all the actions. Use your heart, brain and your eyes to listen.  Forget what you want to hear, listen to what is actually happening. 

This was a major revelation for me in all aspects of my life and I hope you all have had your own giant brain waves too! 

I won't be getting on the treadmill anymore this year, and I probably won't eat any better, my house won't be any cleaner but I plan to work out my brain! So when my brain says "oh that person is nice" i will tell my brain to wait it out and do some laps for a bit to see how this person will show my eyes what is happening, then I can act accordingly.

I hope that whatever resolutions you have will also include a brain workout plan too! 

Happy new year and -


May the Horse be with You











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