February 2, 2018

January 1, 2018

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Whatever blows your hair back

March 2, 2018

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Whatever blows your hair back

March 2, 2018

Ok so as a facilitator I get to do basically whatever I want because my job actually requires that I travel and learn all I can.  So in January I went to visit friends of mine with a facility in Calgary Alberta. We went out to see how their horses do their thang.  

All the horses were mellow and relaxed.

We wondered and discussed through the arena and it was so calming, The horses were really loving the discussion and the vibe we had. All were loose and free to do what they needed to. 

Things changed so fast when a sound outside caused the horses to react and run to one side of the arena. My friend and I did not have time to move so I just lifted my arms in the air and I knew the horses could see me. I looked over at my friend and she had done the same. 

It was the best feeling. 

I did not move. The Horses saw me they ran past so fast it literally blew my hair back and they did not touch one part of me at all. I realized  right then I was exactly in the right place at the right time. 

Once my heart returned to it's normal pace and headed home after our visit I have thought about that moment on the regular.

We all experience incredible moments in our lives, but I believe it's in the recognition of those moments that make them so incredible.  This was a moment that really was exhilarating and safe. It was good clean fun. 

I felt healthy and alive. 

I felt gratitude. 

We all get these moments. 

It is this facilitators view that we need to stop and see the impact these tiny adventures have on our lives. Keep them in our minds and make room for new ones. 

No matter what it is for you. It can be with your kids, friends or even at the swimming pool! Jump off the diving board!  I would suggest that you marvel at the small things and find as many moments at you can to do whatever blows your hair back and gets your heart pounding.




and May the Horse be with You


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