February 2, 2018

January 1, 2018

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Whatever blows your hair back

March 2, 2018

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Don't throw it away.

April 1, 2018

Happy Sunday.

Today instagram  will tell you to find the good in everyday.  Start your day with gratitude and a smile and go brush your teeth and sing a happy song! 

Well occasionally I really just want to stay in bed and read a book. Sometimes I don't feel grateful, and I do not always see the good in all situations. So sometimes when frustrated I would like to just give up on all the hard work I have done. 

I will procrastinate and I will  throw away good ideas that have not been completed.

I Get rid of things.

But what if we don't throw away our hard work? 

If you have a great idea or peice of work you have invested time into...maybe just take a break from it. 

Taking a break can bring about the best vision of your work.

I was doing some reading this weekend and I came across a story about one of my life long favorite writers, Stephen King.

 In this particular article he announced that while he was writing Carrie, he became so frustrated that he threw the manuscript into the garbage. When he went to bed that night his wife plucked it out of the trash for him.  This allowed him to go back to it with new ideas and it would then turn out to be one of his most successful pieces. 

He just needed a break from it. 

He needed to stop being so critical and see it for what it really was. A great idea. 

I was inspired by this so much as it shows that not everyone is perfect. Even those people we deem famous or wealthy. 

This is relevant to my job as a facilitator as I see it all the time! I see people how people can get frustrated and they deal with it in a variety of ways. One interesting way is for people to move on then come back to the tough situation,

Tough situations don't every actually seem to go anywhere, but we can relieve the pressure we feel by stepping away and taking a second look.  

This seems like the most simple of ideas and even counterproductive by some. But once we are immersed so deeply in a problem, at home or at work, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. 

I have found myself taking this time to ease off more and more lately, and I see that taking a moment to be quiet is OK! Observing is great! 

Not going full out every second of everyday is OK!

I see how nurturing those great ideas might not be a fast paced sequence of events and that it may take some time off and going back to it to see it with brand new eyes. 

I hope that this long weekend can bring you time to take stock, look again at some project you may have discarded and go at it again. Coming back to a tough or frustrating project definitely amplifies the feeling of success once it's checked off your list.

Knowing that it was hard to come back to it might be part of the journey! 

This today is to suggest that you look again and don't throw it away.

Enjoy the time you have here and know that all ideas you have are for some reason. Give them some attention, and see what happens.  




May the Horse be with You 








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