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Sports Team Building

Build a Positive & High Performance Team!

Sure, paintball is a good time and all, but where is the application? Develop team chemistry, and enjoy a powerful journey to lead your team to a successful season!

youth skill building program dawson creek
Build team players vs just a 'group' of players.

Innovative, memorable and results-oriented. Give your players the skills training and development to grow for themselves and your team. Our objectively driven programs build trust, collaboration and communication in a fun and engaging atmosphere rather than some of the competitive atmospheres of other team bonding options! Your team will see results immediately. Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the participants to remember the training far longer than if sitting in 'just another classroom'. No riding our teachers, they are with us to provide answers and honest feedback.

By emphasising the importance of each person’s contribution to the overall team success, your team will build:
team bonding
collective team identity
shared goals and objectives team building
effective communication for teams
team cooperation
problem solving programs for sports teams
sports team events dawson creek
team leadership
team building
increased performance

Solid bond that will bring success during the season

A collective identity 

Shared goals and objectives

Effective communication skills

Team cooperation

Problem solving in future challenges

Understanding of how individual actions can impact the team

Leadership qualities

Supportive team efforts

Increased overall performance... All while having fun!

sport teams programs dawson creek
sports team bonding dawson creek
Everybody gains.

Knowledge can be learned, experience is gained over time, but SKILLS are the foundation of learning to be able to utilize the knowledge and experience any player has gained. At the most basic level, all skills are interpersonal communications skills, which also tends to be one of the most lacking in today's sporting environment. Horses reveal the hidden dynamics of your team. Team activities are designed to facilitate problem solving that encourages individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results. This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team bonding and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for your team environment.

Warning: Your Team May Actually Enjoy This!

It has been proven that the more senses that are engaged, the greater the likelihood that new learning will be retained. Looking for substantial results, change, then you have found the organization to bring about the change your players need to take your team to that next level of success. Horses require a leader that they trust and respect, just like we would love to have in our team. If you are willing to give them a direction for growth from within, you are building future leaders, rather than a team without any leadership. 


Guaranteed lasting change because you can't fool the teacher!

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