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Focus on the facilitator

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We are happy you are here. 
This is your portal to all of the tools and ongoing learning
from your workshop. 
I will  always be populating this page and nobody else can see it but those who have the link.
Please review, and ask questions. 
Reflect and reach out, we are all in this world together. 

Do not forget!
We have been getting lots of feedback from these workshops but how about we share with our amazing community of people serving their clients? Go to the home tab and you will see a Member area and a Forum area.  Please click on each so that you can have a chat with others and myself. We can help each other and I will populate this page frequently.  
This way we need not be on social media and the only ones on here are individuals who have taken the workshop like you!  

First things can only facilitate if you have taken care of you. 

Here we will review how we make decisions and create actions for our own lives, to be stronger, and more focused for our clients.  To guide them to success for who they are, where they are. 

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chart for fof force action in developmen

Focus back to what is important! 

This means when facilitating an individual is a challenge, go back to your foundations.

Who are you?

  • What is your role and what do you bring to that role? 

  • You are unique and you are valuable to not only the organization you are providing service to, but to the individual you are facilitating. 

Shared Goals:

  • Collaboration is key! Communication with those you are working with to make a common goal for the individual you are facilitating. 

  • Goals may stay the same, but getting there may change.  Just like in your workshop, you had to make a vision with your team about what you wanted to accomplish.  But the journey did not alway meet the destination the way you planned. 

  • It is ok to take small steps toward a larger goal. 


  • Getting lost on what you see, hear or think someone is saying can be a big trick in losing the objective. Remind yourself to stay the course! 

  • What was the objective?

  • Once an individual meets the objective the appropriate amount of times it's time to as we say here "kill the game before it dies"


  • Being able to recognise the success and help others understand what has happened.  

  • Remember? It's ok to ask someone, "do you understand what just happened?" This question alone is a great way for anyone to reiterate the success and the meeting of the objective.  

  • They have success in a way that is relative to who they are with the skill set they currently have.  This means that it will change each time you facilitate them, because the more they know, the more they grow! 

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