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In person training and classes

We offer not only training for community staff and all those who facilitate, but we offer in person classes for women, couples and community clients year round. 

Yes we also travel and offer classes and training out of house. 

certification course. 

Force- Action in Development Developmental Facilitating Course. For all those who want to facilitate or already facilitate.
Ladies workshop Force Action in Development

Women's classes. 
March -November at our facility

Classes with a purpose. Each class has an objective and set intention. 

These are for any and all women. Anywhere in life to start a new path of self care, love and self compassion. 

Weather you have attended before or coming out for the first time, all women will discover something new and have many takeaways for life. 

Community staff training. 
Year round at our facility

This training is geared toward community support staff. 

Such as, but not limited to:

  • Addictions facilitators

  • Group home support staff 

  • Youth workers

  • Education assistance

  • Foster parents and more

Staff pictures Force Action in Development

Focus on the Facilitator training intensive
*Only 3 courses at our facility per year. *Travelling training available only 2  times per year. Book fast*

Halifax Focus on the Facilitator workshop.

These training intensive workshops are set out over 3 full days. 

These is a unique training option for anyone wanting to develop their skill as a facilitator, social worker, community support staff or anyone wanting to hone in one their abilities to assist groups and individuals in the community.

Employers will also love sending staff for this training as an option for your community team. 

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